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Free pattern

Free pattern

There is a great number of unique crochet patterns that was accumulated for the centuries. The secrets were passed from grandmothers to grandchildren and were held sealed in many countries.

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 Diy kit for adults - Slippers Pattern

✨ Slippers Pattern - you’ll nurture your inner cobbler skills to bring your perfect pair of slippers..


 Is it easy to crochet a bag?

The bag purse can be easily packed in your suitcase. Shake it and it will return to its original s..


Creative pattern free

Превърни се в дизайнер и майстор на бижута за един час! от ellegemdesigns.comСътвори ..


Creative pattern free

This craft kit for adults is perfect for beginners and children. The diy craft kit comes with everyt..


CROCHET: How to crochet a flat circle

Learn how to crochet a perfect circle without seam with yarn raffia for beginners , that you can us..


Hat Crochet Pattern "Sun"

PDF crochet Winter hat pattern and video “Crochet pattern hat” (yarn wool).Pattern busket hat  ..


How to Join in Single Crochet (Flat Seam)

Learn how to join two pieces of crochet with a Joining Single Crochet, creating a flat seam. This ve..


How to Make Crochet Edgings on a Hat

* How to Make Crochet Edgings on a Hat **New trimming designs• 1" Clear Threaded Horsehair Braid (C..


Knit pattern «Grey Mouse"

How do you knit a hat in one hour? Easy knit patterns - even a beginner can handle it. It's not diff..


Pattern Bag handles

Handles for the bag I offer a harness option. Type 6 loops and knit in a circle without breaking th..


Pattern Felted wool scarf

♥ Silk scarves for women made from natural wool with the addition of natural viscose and copron.Wond..


Pattern scarf "Rainbow"

Hello and welcome to my colorful world of handfelted Art to wear. My priority is to make a unique h..


Rhombus crochet pattern
Single Crochet

sc = single crochet Insert hook from front to back in the center of the second chain from the ho..


Starting Methods: Magic Ring

How to Crochet in the Round: Starting Methods: Magic Ring, Chain MethodThe work begins with the exec..


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