Hand made ! Original! Reqiest Gustom Order

about Us

Hello, friends! 
I'm Olga. And my partner Natalia.

Most of our dresses, purses,  scarves, hats   are completely handmade,

some are partially knitted with knitting machines. 

We make all our products with love and inspiration.

We use only the best quality yarn.

Every dress, skirt, blouse, trousers, tunic, scarf,

hat and gloves are made personally for you,

according to your needs and wishes.

Especially for cold weather, we have developed

an exclusive collection of scarves and hats.

Infected by the beauty and color of our catalog, we can tell you for a long time, but we will summarize:

Make Your Day Colorful!

We are open minded and always ready to help and to answer any questions!!!  Contact

All you have to do is choose.